3D Virtual Tours

Lucentlands has identified the need and potential for virtual 3D Tours of agricultural importance, from packhouses to farm worker transport.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic

the way that inspections and marketing have been done for decades has changed, and it has changed for the greater good.

With modern-day technology, it is now possible for viewers, clients, and inspectors to sit anywhere in the world and get to have an immersive experience at your location or facility.

With modern cameras, you can experience a location in a full HD 3D virtual tour. Be it on a smartphone, desktop, or virtual reality headset. It can feel like you are there.

With guided info points, you can get all the info you need at the click of a button, see video clips explaining a particular aspect.

Not only is this vital for marketing, but it is also vital for insurance purposes. Now insurance companies can actually “visit” your facility and see everything they need to know. Full transparency from you as the client and from the insurance point of view, and accurate inventory of the facility. It’s a win-win for everyone.