About Lucentlands

Showcasing the remarkable products, landscapes and people of our valued agricultural sector

Company Statement

Lucentlands Media specialises in the
production of quality video productions and
photography, as well as content creation for
online and print applications. We are located
at Worcester in the Western Cape and we
are aimed specifically at the South African
agricultural sector.

What drives us?

The South African agricultural sector represents the heartbeat of the countryside and the country’s economy and is also a sector with striking landscapes, beautiful products, and remarkable people who each have varied and unique stories to tell.

The mission of the agricultural sector is to make a living from providing people with food. Behind every agricultural endeavour, there are people with plans and dreams for the future. It is our purpose to showcase the enterprising and determined efforts
of the people in our agricultural sector in their quest for food production.

Lucentlands means shining lands and we see it as our mission to make our agricultural sector shine.


Lucentlands is a video, photographic and content production service provider to the South African Table Grape Industry (SATI). We have worked with Lucentlands since 2019 and in the interim, they have produced five video productions for our industry body on behalf of South African table grape growers, which we proudly showcase countrywide and internationally. Their good understanding of the table grape and the fresh produce sector, combined with their ability to research, script and capture the essence of the industry with beautiful visuals and the most relevant content, have provided great value to our industry.

Clayton Swart

SATI Communications Manager, South African Table Grape Industry

Combining skills for excellence

Agricultural media production  requires a range of skills. In order to produce quality video productions, we combine the skills of our in-house specialists to achieve the level of excellence required for our discerning customers.

Our talented and experienced photographer and cameraman Dewald Kirsten is responsible for the visual magic and practical execution of our shoots.  Our experienced agricultural journalist Louise Brodie is responsible for content planning, interviews and narration.

Lucentlands Media has an experienced panel of video editors that will ensure quick and reliable turn around for your agricultural media production.


excavator, farming, agriculture, soil preparation
table grape, south african table grapes, hex river, SATI
Dewald Kirsten

Dewald Kirsten

Director - Photographer and Videographer

Dewald Kirsten has 10 years of photography and more recently, Videography experience. His specialties is landscapes, products and documentary type work for commercial clients.
He is meticulous in his work and always strives to produce the best work for his clients.
Dewald works well under pressure and enjoys creative freedom.

Louise Brodie

Louise Brodie

Director - Journalist, Content creator and narrator.

Louise is an experienced photojournalist who works primarily in the South African fresh produce sector. She has completed 14 publications on behalf of the fruit industry and is the South African correspondent for (German) Fruchthandel, Europe’s biggest fresh produce magazine. Louise is currently completing her Master’s degree in Journalism at the University of Stellenbosch. Louise thrives on creating effective communication.

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