Still Photography

Still Photography will always have a role in marketing. In the current environment, video tends to take the front seat with many people, but for a website or a brochure and for wall art,  photos still have an important place in marketing.

Agriculture is extremely diverse and the possibilities to capture agricultural images are endless.

With our experience in the agriculture field, we know what to look for, what to avoid and what to showcase.  This can range from highly technical horticultural details to stud animals and massive agricultural machines.

These images can be used for your marketing and social media, as well as for your website or as wall art for your office space.

When you make a video, it successfully tells the story within a few moments. Ultimately, as it will only represent one social media post.  A bank of still images allows you to create many individual posts from using these. will just be one post on social media, if you have a bank of beautiful images, you can create many posts from them.

Some examples of our Still Photography