Written Content & Website Development

With the onset of social media, written content has taken a slight backseat with most businesses, BUT, it is still vital for a business.

Websites need written content and we can help with the words, as well as setting up your website.

Louise Brodie has years of experience in writing, especially in the agricultural sector. She has published a number of full length books and many many articles for South African and international publications.

We know what your clients would like to see on your website at a quick glance.

So from creating the content to building your website, writing your script for your video or media releases, we have got you covered.

Some examples of our Websites we have developed

For these, we have developed the site from scratch, including text, layout, and photography.

Some examplease where we where involved with the text and/or the photography.

**Some of these projects is still under development**