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About Lucentlands

Showcasing the remarkable products, landscapes, and people of our valued Agriculture Sector

Dewald Kirsten, a professional photographer with over a decade of experience in the industry, founded Lucentlands with a vision to provide top-quality agricultural media services. Since starting Lucentlands, Dewald’s knowledge and expertise in the agricultural sector have grown tremendously. His specialties include capturing stunning landscapes, product imagery, and documentary-style content for commercial clients. Dewald is known for his meticulous attention to detail and his commitment to delivering the best work possible. He thrives under pressure and is always seeking creative freedom to produce exceptional work. Choose Lucentlands to work with Dewald and experience the best in agricultural media services.

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Meet Louise, a founding member of Lucentlands, and an experienced photojournalist in the South African fresh produce sector. She has completed 14 publications on behalf of the fruit industry and serves as the South African correspondent for Europe’s largest fresh produce magazine, (German) Fruchthandel. Recently, Louise completed her Master’s degree in Journalism at the University of Stellenbosch, solidifying her expertise in the field of media and communication. At Lucentlands, Louise thrives on creating effective communication that captivates and resonates with audiences. Trust in her experience and expertise to help your agri-business succeed. Contact us today to work with Louise and the Lucentlands team.

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Combining skills for excellence

At Lucentlands, we understand the intricacies and demands of agricultural media production. Our team of in-house specialists is well-equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver high-quality video productions that meet the expectations of our discerning clients.

With our creator principles, we aim to showcase the beauty and value of the agriculture industry through visually stunning and informative content. Our talented and experienced photographer and cameraman, Dewald Kirsten, brings his extensive knowledge in the field of agriculture to execute the practical aspects of our shoots. Meanwhile, our experienced agricultural journalist, Louise Brodie, provides invaluable insights for content planning, interviews, and narration.

In addition, our team of video editors works efficiently to ensure quick and reliable turnaround times for your agricultural media production needs. At Lucentlands, we take pride in our ability to produce exceptional content that accurately represents the agricultural industry. Partner with us today and experience the level of excellence we bring to each project.

Eben Groenewald

Eben Groenewald

Video Editor

Introducing Eben Groenewald, a multi-talented individual who brings his expertise in acting, drumming, and sound engineering to the dynamic world of media production. As the editor for Lucentlands’ captivating videos since September 2021, Eben plays a vital role in shaping the visual storytelling experience.

With a background in freelance drumming for renowned artists and notable acting appearances in films and TV shows, Eben’s creativity and versatility shine through in every project he undertakes. Beyond the limelight, Eben’s passion for sound engineering and video editing comes to life as he collaborates with Audio Vibe & VisioWhale, ensuring seamless audio and visual experiences.

As a dedicated video editor and voice-over artist for Lucentlands, Eben contributes his artistic vision and technical expertise to create compelling media content tailored for the agriculture sector. With a market-leading position in delivering exceptional images, videos, and written content, Lucentlands continues to revolutionize the way agriculture stories are told.

With Eben’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence, Lucentlands guarantees an engaging and immersive media experience that captures the essence of the agriculture industry.

Andrew Aveley

Andrew Aveley

Mpumalanga Representative

Andrew Aveley is a seasoned photographer and videographer based in the picturesque Lowveld, adding another major agricultural hub to Lucentlands’ reach. With over two decades of experience, Andrew’s love for visual storytelling and his deep connection to the African bush has shaped his photographic journey.

Andrew’s expertise extends to drone operation and instruction, offering valuable support for aerial surveying and filming in restricted airspaces.

As a valued member of the Lucentlands team, Andrew’s photo and video services have reached new heights. His licensed and insured drone piloting skills add value to existing clients and attract new ones. Additionally, his role as an instructor allows him to train and develop students in this exciting field, igniting renewed passion and excitement.

Light is amazing from above and below. Let Andrew Aveley connect with you, capture your dreams, and preserve the beauty of our world through the lens. With Lucentlands, Andrew brings his knowledge, experience, and passion to provide personalized guidance, photography mentorship, personal travel experiences, and unbridled wildlife adventures. Together, let’s experience the true moments of Africa and make a positive impact through conservation efforts.

Albie Bredenhann

Albie Bredenhann

Gauteng Representative

Meet Albie Bredenhann, our talented Senior Operations Manager and commercial and advertising freelance photographer based in Pretoria, South Africa. With 25 years of experience in management and the commercial printing industry, Albie brings extensive expertise in graphic design, production planning, and client account management. His photography skills span across commercial, advertising, and editorial genres, specializing in studio photography, product shoots, and various lifestyle-based styles. Albie’s advanced knowledge of Adobe software and lighting systems, coupled with his diverse portfolio of high-profile clients and successful collaborations with renowned agencies, make him a valuable asset to Lucentlands.

In addition to his photography career, Albie plays a crucial role in Sentraaldruk, a family-owned commercial printing company. With his commitment to exceptional service, quality products, and comprehensive knowledge of the printing industry, Albie ensures the success of the business. His unwavering passion, dedication to excellence, and multifaceted expertise make Albie an indispensable member of the Lucentlands team. Collaborate with Albie to bring your agricultural vision to life and capture the true essence of your endeavors.

Damien Bradshaw

Damien Bradshaw

Eastern Cape Representative

Introducing Damien Bradshaw, a proactive professional with over a decade of experience in the dynamic world of photography and media services. With a passion for creating captivating content and fostering strong client relationships, Damien aligns perfectly with Lucentlands’ vision and services.

Drawing on his extensive knowledge of the industry, Damien offers personalized retail and e-commerce sales strategies, digital content development, and general consulting to help businesses achieve sustainable growth and heightened brand awareness. Whether it’s crafting engaging visuals, developing effective marketing campaigns, or providing expert guidance on media strategies, Damien’s expertise and dedication shine through.

His strong network of supplier representatives and sales managers allows for seamless collaboration and access to cutting-edge resources, while his exceptional project management skills ensure smooth coordination of photo shoots, video content creation, live streaming services, and print media. Damien is also instrumental in conceptualizing and overseeing the development of online stores and internal management systems, enhancing efficiency and customer experience.

With Damien as your trusted partner, Lucentlands is equipped to deliver top-notch media services tailored to your unique needs. Let Damien’s passion and expertise amplify your brand’s presence and success in today’s competitive landscape.

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Company Statement

At Lucentlands Media, we are passionate about showcasing the agricultural sector. While we are located in Worcester, Western Cape, our work extends beyond South Africa to an international audience.

With our extensive knowledge and experience in agriculture, we specialize in producing high-quality video productions and photography, as well as content creation for online and print applications. Our goal is to highlight the enterprising and determined efforts of the people in the agricultural sector and their contribution to the economy. At Lucentlands Media, we strive to make the agricultural sector shine through our respected creator principles and dedication to producing exceptional work.

Lucentlands means shining lands and we see it as our mission to make our agricultural sector shine.

Lucentlands is a video, photographic and content production service provider to the South African Table Grape Industry (SATI). We have worked with Lucentlands since 2019 and in the interim, they have produced five video productions for our industry body on behalf of South African table grape growers, which we proudly showcase countrywide and internationally. Their good understanding of the table grape and the fresh produce sector, combined with their ability to research, script and capture the essence of the industry with beautiful visuals and the most relevant content, have provided great value to our industry.

Clayton Swart

SATI Communications Manager, South African Table Grape Industry

In terms of agricultural photography, I am convinced there is no one better to work with than Lucentlands. Dewald Kirsten has a passion for the industry. This, combined with a genuine interest in his subjects, comprehensive knowledge of the field, and unmatched photography skills, makes it a joy to work with him. His commitment to his client’s vision and needs is evident. Over the course of a few months, Lucentlands has provided us with more than 2000 images and a multitude of video material. This has allowed us to create a stunning and eye-catching new website for Agrico. The images are simply incredible, and so is his ability to create gold in even the most challenging of environments.  

Grethe Bestbier

Head of Content & Marketing, Agrico