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Lucentlands has identified the need and potential for virtual live stream broadcast events in the agriculture sector and would like to share the details and advantages of the concept with you.

Producer communication since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic

Covid-19 has largely put a stop to the traditional format of grower days and international buyer inspections.

Like all other industries, the agricultural industry has had to adapt to this, and industry role players and producers have needed to embrace technology to stay in touch with events. In many ways, the results of one-way powerpoint and zoom-based communication and dissemination of information have been less than ideal and have not held the appeal to encourage producers to participate in these events.

As there is ongoing uncertainty about how long we can expect adherence to Covid-19 protocols to continue, it is an opportune time to consider a more effective and interesting alternative producer day format, namely interactive live stream broadcasting.

The excitement of live broadcast

We can offer the agricultural sector live stream broadcasting of an event from anywhere in South Africa where there is good cell phone reception. Lucentlands have teamed up with an experienced live stream broadcast team that has assisted us on particularly important previous livestream events. This invaluable experience makes it possible for us to offer this proposal with confidence.  

Using this medium, we can film and broadcast live footage of a presenter on site. This can be one from an outdoor location, allowing the presenter to illustrate and explain production methods in situ. This holds the potential for more effective knowledge transfer and seeing a demonstration live is more interesting and engaging than watching a lecture or powerpoint presentation.   

Studio co-ordination of broadcast from multiple locations and additional feeds during the event

The broadcast is co-ordinated in a studio. This means that it is possible to stream broadcasts from multiple locations, potentially in various provinces, to the studio to be aired as part of the same event. The studio co-ordination functionality includes the co-ordination of various video footage feeds as well as the addition of text headings and captions for speakers. This also makes it possible to include promotional footage from potential sponsors of these events. 

Covid has shown us the necessity of embracing the available technology and using it to our advantage.  We believe that this live stream broadcasting format could be the future of grower days and product launches and remain so when the threat Covid-19 has passed. We are extremely excited to be able to offer about this service to the South African agricultural sector.

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